Record Store Day 2013 in Brighton

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Saturday was my first time actually attending and taking part in the coolest holiday around, Record Store Day! It’s a day when independent record stores have their own little celebration and release special vinyl and cds courtesy of collaborating artists, and it’s in its 7th year running. Last year I’d wanted to go, but was newly employed and ultra broke, hence this being my first year in attendance. My favorite record store in Brighton is the oh-so-friendly, well-stocked Resident Music, found in the perfectly quirky North Laine. There are other record stores in Brighton, but Resident truly is the best, and they’ve got all the local awards to prove it!

I wasn’t down for camping out, especially coming down from Haywards Heath the night before (people seriously started lining up at 7pm on Friday night. Crazies.), but I made Jon get up early-ish with me, and I found myself ¬†standing in this long ass line just before 10 am, highlighted list of inventory in hand.


The line was slow going-the process of picking out limited edition releases of vinyl is serious business! But Resident took good care of everyone, handing out lots of freebies and tickets for a raffle, and periodically coming out to announce when something was out of stock (leading to resounding groans from the crowd). It was cold, especially in the shade. Spring isn’t here really, yet. Surprise.

Anyway, I waited in line for a a little over an hour while Jon did the hellacious task of trying to find a place to park in Brighton on a sunny Saturday. He had the dogs and when he found me, after yet another of my top picks being announced as out of stock, I decided to check out some of the other places in town, specifically Cult Hero. They had the Sia/David Guetta release that I was after (David Guetta I don’t love, but Sia?? Love her!), plus a very cool Frightened Rabbit/Manchester Orchestra record, and after buying those we’d run out of time on the meter and had to book it out of there and haul it to the car. I was disappointed at having missed out on Resident’s offerings after waiting during the morning-but honestly my wait wasn’t an all-nighter like some, so I have no room to complain. Lesson learned-take the train or bring lots of money for the parking meter.

But there’s a happy ending to this little story-Resident got more stock in! I went in on Monday and snapped up Elliott Smith and more Frightened Rabbit, and then today I went in again in order to pick up something for a friend and maybe perhaps walked out with the re-release of the White Stripes’ Elephant.

I have no shame.


So it took me 3 visits in 5 days, but I managed to get most of the RSD releases that I was after (but guys, if you happen to have an extra copy of that Leonard Cohen/Jeff Buckley release, I’d kill for it!).


And now, a shopping hiatus. Totally worth it though! And even greater was seeing a lot of small businesses in the area-and around the country/world, for that matter-get lots of business. I was happy to contribute and, you know, support the local economy and all that. Independent shops beat the big guys at every turn, no doubt. 


How was your Record Store Day? Did you manage to get any lovely/awesome releases?

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