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Apparently all I write about anymore is food in Brighton. Sorry! But Brighton is killing it on the food front lately.

So! ¬†Yesterday Jon and I met up at lunch time to check out the brand-new weekly food fair that is going to be taking place for the foreseeable future at Brighthelm Gardens on Queen’s Road, down by the station. The tiny park was full of food trucks doing their business, and for the first day, it was incredibly busy!

oh hey guys!


I snagged some pork buns from my one true love-Yum Yum Ninja, and then couldn’t resist a strawberry margarita “caketail” cupcake from Honeycomb Cakes. Jon, on the other hand, stuffed his face with a massive burrito from Dead Good Burritos, followed by a big ol’ chocolate/white chocolate brownie, also from Honeycomb Cakes. None of it was paleo. All of it was delicious. Worth it. The line for burgers from Troll’s Pantry wound through most of the park….it was crazy. Thankfully the morning’s torrential rain had come to a halt by lunchtime, and people were pretty happy to be eating great food in the slightly sunny, muddy little park.

pork buns brighton street diner

honeycomb cakes brighton street diner


It seems this little food fair gathering will now be taking place in the park every Friday from now on, so if you’re in the Brighton area, you should definitely pencil a visit into your schedule-pay day Friday anyone? I think Jon and I are going to having a standing monthly date! Next time I’m aiming for some pulled pork and maybe a crepe for dessert……or maybe some Thai curry and a vegetarian scotch egg……or a halloumi bbq! So many choices….

For more information and menus, etc, go here:

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