A particularly sunny bank holiday weekend

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One thing I love about living in the UK is the sporadic but always delightful surprise that is a “bank holiday”. Without real reason or purpose, the country shuts down and most everyone has a day off work. It’s very, very awesome. And the icing on top of the bank holiday weekend that I’m currently still enjoying was that this one, shockingly, was sun soaked and gorgeous and (no lie) hot! Like, in a regular country where it gets hot!

Alright, I kid, I kid. I know England is a normal country, by all meanings of the word. And actually a friend of mine pointed out the other day that she couldn’t understand why everyone isn’t just thankful for the sunshine and bits of heat we DO receive, seeing as we’re on the same line of latitude as much colder countries, like most of Canada for example, and Russia, too. And she is right. And I digress.

Sooooo bank holiday weekend! It’s been great. Foodies Festival on the Hove Lawns, a gorgeous day spent in London, a sun-soaked morning/afternoon lounging in the back garden with a stack of magazines and some cherry cordial, and several birthday parties later I am sporting a helluva sunburn and feeling oh-so-rejuvenated for the summer that seems to have arrived. Knowing England, it won’t stick around, and so I’ll take what I can get.

I’ve finally gotten my DSLR fixed, and managed to take a bunch of lovely photos this weekend, so I’ll be sharing a post or two about the weekend’s adventures this week. (You thought I’d given up and was going to continue only using my camera phone forever, didn’t you?? But no, my baby was broken…). But in the meantime, here’s what instagram said happened. Off to enjoy my last few hours of freedom in the sun….

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