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Today I am in a writing contest over at Expats Blog. It would be really wonderful if you could go over and read my piece (as well as the other 24 submissions) and comment on/share my post if you so desire. You can also browse around and check out stuff from other expats leaving on a total of 112 different countries. Pretty cool.

It’s such a weird thing writing personal stuff and putting it out there, yet I continue to do it. Glutton for punishment, I am!


Here’s a little excerpt…

gugeegue marshall islands birthday worldteach
On Gugeegue with some of my drama students, 2007

Miss Ashley, Miss Sheets, Ashley teacher…..I get called a lot of things. I’ve taught English as a second or foreign language in quite a few different countries over the past seven years, and my work in international schools has given me access to students from more countries than I can remember. And these students have all had different names for me. In South Korea it was Ashley teacher (usually pronounced “Ash-uh-lee teach-uh!” by the little ones in my kindergarten class). In the sweltering Marshall Islands it was Miss Ashley. My Somali students referred to me simply, respectfully, as “Miss”. 

Being in a room full of rambunctious 5 year old Koreans, all speaking their mother tongue and running amuck with the level of energy that is generally afforded to those of their age, was never something I expected in life. Nor did I ever expect to spend a year of my life teaching largely uninspired but utterly delightful island kids on a tiny piece of land the size of a football field (the same kids who couldn’t stand grammar lessons, but serenaded me with ukulele singalongs and shared their ramen/kool-aid mixtures with me). It just goes to show that if anything can be said about teaching English abroad, it’s that it is never, ever, dull!


You can go here to read the rest.  Also I believe there is a prize for best comment, so feel free to give it a go and get creative! A haiku maybe? Everybody loves a good haiku!

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