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On Saturday Jon and I were seriously, crazy hungover for the first time in a long time from double-booked birthday parties that took place on Friday night. I’d lost my phone at the pub and drunkenly bought a stack of magazines before getting on the train, and Jon was basically at death’s door because he didn’t follow his awesome wife’s idea of buying a sandwich at midnight and shoving it in his gaw. We had planned to wake up at a reasonable time Saturday morning-I was going to work out while Jon got a hair cut, and then we were going to be London bound by 11ish, but that most certainly did not happen. Damn birthdays!

As it was, I did that weird thing where you wake up super early and don’t feel terrible, but after staying up for a few hours, I fell back asleep. Jon slept soundly the whole time, and when all was said and done…..we slept until 1. Woops. That was not the plan. We are getting old.

Anyway, we eventually made it to London, a little delicate and slightly worse for wear. But. Blue skies and a light breeze greeted us. No tights weather, yay!

We made our way across Millennium Bridge (for those who care, it’s the bridge that the death eaters destroyed in Harry Potter!) and into the Tate Modern. We also passed weird street performers and a strangely large amount of people selling what seemed to be sugar roasted peanuts. Honestly, like, set up right across from each other, and one every 5 feet or so. Tons of ’em! I’d been looking forward to catching the Lichtenstein retrospective before it finishes at the end of the month, and we made it just in time! The exhibit was awesome.

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A lady must instagram, or it didn’t happen.

We also saw our fair share of surrealism and other modern art-y things.

And outside the Tate people blew bubbles and there was an annoying man making bird sounds.


Going off the beaten path slightly was kinda weird. On a bank holiday, parts of London empty out completely.

Eventually we made our way to Soho Square, which was chock-full of people enjoying it’s mid city greenery. I would love to go there every day. There were guys playing ping-pong and blasting Biggy out of an old school boombox. My kinda people. And look at that tiny cottage!

And then we found a Korean place and ate our fill of pajeon, mandu, and bibimbap. Yesssssss. And there were hare krishnas, who I just cannot hate, ever. The most cheerful of religions, no doubt.

You’d think we’d find a lot more Korean food down here in Brighton, but we just don’t. London’s where it’s at!


After that we took advantage of Jon’s leftover uber credits and a private car took us out to my lady Ariel’s birthday party! It was very cool and fancy-feeling. And while waiting for the car to find us we stumbled upon China Town.


Eventually, we finally made it out to Rel’s fabulous birthday celebrations in Finsbury Park! We didn’t really drink and left to catch our train back down south before it got too crazy, but I’m so glad I got to see her. It’s amazing having old friends from so far away so close. Happy birthday Rel!


It’s so nice being able to jet up on to London for a day of good stuff. An hour on the train and then, boom, all the art and culture and food  you could want, minus a few tube transfers. And then…..back down south, to the rocky beaches and everything else!


(On a completely unrelated note: you have until this Friday the 10th to go read my entry in the writing contest over at Expats Blog. Thanks so, so much to everyone who already has and has commented/liked/shared etc. You guys are amazing. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.)

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  1. Awww just getting around to seeing this! Looks like you had a nice day out in LDN. Soho square is right by my offices as well! Thanks again for making it out for the birfday! See you soon xx

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