Brighton Foodies Festival (was perfection)

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So after all the talking about it and all the delicious build up, the Foodies Festival finally arrived this past weekend. After Saturday’s adventures, we had planned to meet Colin and Jess at the festival on Sunday afternoon. The glorious weather continued and honestly there could not have been a better day for it all. The Hove Lawns were rockin’, and the sunshine was definitely having a cheering affect on all in attendance.

The festival was absolutely crawling with people of all ages, and wonderfully, dogs. Dogs everywhere. And some pretty cute kids, too.


We taste tested everything. Drank some champagne because champagne is the best and weirdly enough, lots of people were selling glasses of it for just as much as a beer? I ate a wild boar burger from Tucker’s Exotic Meats, which was quite tasty-Jon went for the¬†wildebeest¬†and Colin had the zebra. I’m pretty sure none of those animals live free range in Sussex, but….sometimes you have to live a little? No, that doesn’t work, I don’t really have an excuse. Jess shared her amazing nutella ice cream made with liquid nitrogen (??), and overall we soaked up the sun and had a lot of nibbles from everyone who was offering them up!


We also sat in on a few of the featured workshops. One was the making of a summer berry tart, and another demonstration focused on the making of a one pot meal featuring delicious porky pork.


Hey guys!

Also I discovered what an Aga range is (it’s a very fancy stove/oven combo) and now I will lust after it for the rest of my days, because never in a million years will I be able to afford it. Le sigh.

I even managed to win a book about South African barbecuing by spinning the wheel at their stall. I am unfamiliar with South African bbq-ing techniques, but Jon says it’s all pretty awesome. Winner!

And now the required picture of Jon stuffing food in his mouth…..this time it was a gluten free brownie.

So in conclusion, we had a super great time! Eating, drinking, enjoying the sunshine, and hanging out with good friends-can’t ask for more. Can’t wait for next year….(and maybe now I’ll stop talking about food in Brighton for a little while….maybe). No, I will. I’ll try, anyway.

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