Adventures in Sussex: Anne of Cleves’ House and Harvey’s Brewery in Lewes

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After checking out the ruins of Lewes Castle, Jon and I wandered down a hilly slope of tiny lanes (did I mention how hilly Lewes is?) to find Anne of Cleves’ house. On the way, we stopped at the 100% twee-est candy shop in the entire world. Just a little old lady and her sweets in a tiny room which looked like it was connected to her house….we bought a mix of things, plus some fudge for Jon’s parents, then continued on our way. This maybe wasn’t the best idea-everything had the vague taste of alcohol on it? I don’t know what that lady does with her days, who am I to judge. But I’m glad we stopped anyway, it was nice to chat with her. And of course, Jon ate all the sweets, health be damned.

Continuing on our quest, we walked through one of ┬áthe most gorgeous little parks that I’ve ever seen, Southover Grange. Dang. I wanted to stop right then, lay out a gingham blanket and get my idyllic picnic on.

Jon is not amused by how tiny so many English houses still are. People aren’t that small anymore! (Generally speaking) (I am that small).


So it turns out that there’s no proof that Anne of Cleves ever lived in “her” house in Lewes. Apparently it was given to her after her divorce from Henry VIII, which was enough to turn the little Tudor house into a little historical place of note, and home to other important artifacts from the area and time period. The council have mostly used this little divorce settlement as a way to present some interesting history regarding Lewes and Sussex. And there’s more dress up! I didn’t dress up this time-seemed perhaps a little licey if you know what I’m sayin’. Shame, since the headpieces were the most interesting.



Finally-Harvey’s Brewery. We didn’t go in the actual brewery, obviously, but we picked up some booze in their shop for hometime drinking. I went for the Albion Ale, which sadly got smashed in an unfortunate accident in our refridgerator, and also the Tom Payne, in honor of America. I had it with dinner and it was delicious.

And that about wraps up our trip! Beers, castles, beautiful gardens, historical knowledge….thanks a lot Lewes. See you soon!

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