Bits of a bank holiday weekend

England expat life

Two long weekends in one month is the best thing ever in the entire world. Thank you United Kingdom bank holiday calendar! And guess what…..this time around the sun came out, and stayed out, ALL WEEKEND.

I did some things, and a list of some of those things looked like this: acquire a sunburn, see Iron Man 3, make some delicious food, meet our new nephew, and go for a long ramble.  And it was fantastic from start to finish. Ironically (or not) after the bank holiday went on its merry way, we woke up to the return of  rain and chilly temperatures this morning. Perfect start to the short work week…. but  -and I know I say this often-I’ll take what I can get. I’m just grateful to have had such a nice weekend-even though I’m looking out at those notorious iron skies and giving the side eye to a forecast for more rain over the next several days.

Let’s not think about that.


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