Adventures in Sussex: Devil’s Dyke


On Monday Jon and I took advantage of the latest day off work to soak up all that Vitamin D we’ve been missing and take in the scenic views of the UK’s “longest, widest, and deepest ‘dry valley'”, Devil’s Dyke. (sounds suuuuper interesting, I know, but stay with me here!) Although this awesome and gorgeous part of the South Downs is only a few miles away from home I’d never been, and I’m really glad to have finally seen it.

Just another great way to take part in the fabulous British past-time of rambling!

devil's dyke

devil's dyke

(lots more pictures after the jump….I was a little photo happy)

devil's dyke

From what I can tell (read: I asked Jon and he guessed), those striking patches of yellow field out there are rapeseed. Breath-taking.

Cows, man. Just chillin’. It was a little nerve-wracking walking the dogs through a whole herd of them, lazily chewing their cud and staring into our very SOULS. Pretty cool though. And these cows are sure-footed! They were just having a grand ol’ time on the steepest parts of the downs.

devil's dyke

devil's dyke

devil's dyke

Jon loves rambling.

Me too! So accomplished!

Ninja cows! See them?

And while Maxi was built for long walks and rambles (the little lady loves to try to “herd” things, it’s in her blood), the little guy had more of a hard time. Jon maybe had to carry Spud up a few hills.

water break!

Five miles and a few hours later, the haze was settling in over the hills, the dogs were exhausted, and Jon and I were ready for a pint. While sometimes it’s nice to spend these extra holidays getting a little tipsy and sunburnt at a pub or beer garden-sometimes it’s just nice to take in the scenic views and wander around in the glorious countryside.

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    1. Hi Bonnie! Surprisingly enough, I’ve been here for going on four summers and hadn’t been to Devil’s Dyke yet (although we’ve done plenty of other walks on the Downs). It really is gorgeous!

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