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Saturday we scorned the train ride down to a surely packed and heaving Kemptown Carnival in favor of the gathering taking place in our own backyard (almost literally). Lindfield Village Day was taking place on the Common and with another sunshiney weekend following a week of rain-a pattern I can handle if it means weekends outdoors-we were ready and raring to go. The annual event is always a good twee time, with the usual assortment of food vendors and bric-a-brac sales booths, a local parade heavy on school children and fancy costumes, a dog show and talent show, and the superbly English addition of Pimm’s and tea for sale as well. Can’t have a summer day without some Pimm’s!

There are also some more niche offerings…


It all started out with a little parade through the village and onto the Common. The theme this year was something about movies, so there were some pirates (possibly of the Caribbean), Alice in Wonderland, Slumdog Millionaire, la-dee-da. To be honest there were so many parents and randoms escorting children while not wearing costume that it was kind of confusing to figure out who was taking part and who was just a villager walking into the area, but whatever, it was cute!

Spud was very impressed.

We did a lap around the Common, checking out the goods and making new doggy friends. I even won a battle of wine in the Sussex Wine Society’s raffle!

Maxi is so nosy.

Who wants to ring the bell?

We decided to split some awesome Eton Mess gelato, which was amazing. I still haven’t had Eton Mess on its own, because as far as I can tell is just a mish mash of other desserts (pudding, meringue, fruit….) that looks pretty disgusting, but if it tastes at all like this gelato, then I will be seeking it out shortly.

Please look at Spud’s beggar face. Awesome.

Although I have no intention of staying here forever-wanderlust and big dreams, all that jazz-these mugs about sum up my feelings for this little place. Go Lindfield!

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