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From tomorrow until mid-July Jon and I (and the in-laws, by proxy) will be hosting some of my favourite people from the great state of Ohio right here in Sussex. Lindsey is on a plane as I speak, and will be here for almost the entire month of June, while my mom flies in immediately after Lindsey leaves and will be staying for two weeks at the beginning of July. To make it even better, my mom has never been out of the country so this visit to England is a big deal for her. It’s all pretty great.

I can’t really express how excited I am to have my people visiting what I now consider my “turf”. It’s one thing to acclimate yourself to a new area and feel like home-it’s another to get to share it with people that I love. And I’m really excited to have the opportunity to show them around to some of the places where I spend my time, some of the things that bring me joy these days. I just hope they like it here. I’m actually kinda nervous, which sounds dumb but is true.

The same thing used to happen when Jon and I would be apart for months at a time. Before we were reunited, I’d wonder if he’d feel the same, if we’d have anything to talk about, if I’d changed in his absence in a way that meant we couldn’t relate to one another anymore, if we’d run into each other at the airport and then just be like, “oh hey……so, how bout this weather…..?” ¬†And while of course that can’t happen with my mom (right, Mom??), with my friends I really worry. Keeping up transatlantic relationships is so difficult, and I’m pretty sure I suck at it. Many of the people I love aren’t really “internet” folks, and that really puts a damper on keeping in touch. So having one of my best friends coming over here to hang out? It’s great. So great. And I’m really looking forward to the next six weeks.

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