Tenerife in a billion instagram pictures

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Yesterday Lindsey and I returned from our week long sojourn to the Canarian Island of Tenerife. It was hot, sunny, relaxing and even included an adventure or two (volcanoes, hidden secret villages, wine tasting in tiny vineyards, stuff like that).

tenerife instagrams1

I instagrammed my way through most of it….

tenerife instagram 2

If you follow me on instagram, you know that already, but if you don’t (hey family!), then here’s a bit of that.

I’ve got a lot more to say, and a lot more to share (like, real pictures from my camera), but as it is, I’m back to work tomorrow, and hosting the lovely Lindsey for another ten days, so we’ll see how good I can be at multi-tasking in the days to come.

tenerife instagram 4


Tenerife! You were just lovely. Thanks.


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