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Lindsey got on a plane today to head back to Ohio. The three weeks that she was here passed incredibly quickly and while I managed to hold it together while at the airport, once we were driving away, Heathrow in the rear view mirror, I couldn’t really hold it together, or hold back the tears, any more. A little scream-singing seemed to help, just a little.

Living far away is so hard sometimes. And having a best friend come and go puts that in stark relief. I am so, so, far away.

On top of that, this afternoon we attended the funeral of Jon’s granny, a mere few months after his other granny had passed away. She was 92 and a cool lady by all accounts, and I’m glad I had the chance to meet her. But seeing my husband and my father-in-law cry in the same day is too much for me, and so it turned out that today was a day for multiple interspersed crying sessions of my own. It also made me miss my grandparents, as long dead they may be (the last one dying over eight years ago), they were wonderful, and I would give anything to see them again. But such is life. And shedding some tears for those we have lost is unavoidable, even when they’ve been lost for awhile.

So now I spend a few very quiet days cleaning and working and doing “normal” things, and then on Saturday another visitor arrives-my mom. And I am so excited to have her here, right here. It is going to be a salve on my heart. And I can’t wait to show her around.

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