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mom's visit 2013

Yesterday I made yet another trip back to Heathrow airport, a place I’m glad I won’t be seeing anytime soon, as 6 trips to an airport over 6 weeks is just far too much for anyone. Especially considering how emotional at least half of the trips were….goodbyes are never fun. And as it is, I’m not sure when I’ll be heading back to the States again for a visit, so everything is heightened by that, making these airport goodbyes that much worse.

Having my Mom here was, in a word, great, and showing her the sights of an unusually hot and sunny England-where it didn’t even rain once!-was something that I’ll never forget. We went to see Wicked Friday night in London at the Apollo Victoria and it was the perfect last night to share with my crazy, wonderful mother.

Now the summer is halfway over, by every form of calculation that I possess. My friends and family have left, and there are no more big trips planned. But there are adventures to be had in the coming weeks, and this weather has been surpassing any expectations that I could have possibly had following last year’s miserable summer. So…..it’s halfway over, and while it’s nice to have the house back to ourselves and not have to worry about impressing those I love and making sure they have a fabulous time in my adopted homeland-it would be nice if it hadn’t all gone so quickly. Or if everyone I love lived just a bit closer. Just a bit.

I have many things to share in this space over the coming days and weeks-thoughts and pictures of all that I’ve been doing and places we’ve gone-Tenerife, Bath, Bristol, London, and more. Time to write it all down before it seeps out of my mind, while things slow down once again. I hope I get around to doing it. What else is this place on the internet for?

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