First Aid Kit at Somerset House

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It’s back to just being Jon and I around here, and while you’d think that would mean a quick descent into normal, boring everyday life, this week is actually chock full of….things. And Monday night we made an unusual (for a Monday night) trip to London for a concert! Milo Greene was opening for First Aid Kit at Somerset House on the Strand (which is the loveliest of lovely places, all old stone and golden light and history oozing out of every corner). This coincided perfectly with the brand-new opening of an American burger chain in Covent Garden that you may have heard of, called “Five Guys Burgers and Fries”, so-delicious dinner and evening of wonderful music, all in one!

The venue was amazing, the show was amazing, the weather was beyond perfect, and for a minute I felt incredibly lucky and so happy to be alive. Not that I am not always happy to be alive, but this summer has been particularly, to choose a real nuisance of a word, magical.

milo green somerset house


This dude hates the possibility of taking cute pictures. 


look at this bitch eating a cheeseburger on the street


It was all so. Good. I don’t even really know what to say about it. Last summer made me the most miserable that I have ever been, truly, in my entire life. Rain and cold and lonely forever. And this summer is all visitors and sunshine and heat and evening drinks and walks with the dogs and browned skin and sundresses and toes in the grass and just…POTENTIAL. Just wonder, as far as the eye can see. And in a full-on balmy Monday night in July in London I felt like a little fish in the big pond that is the capital of England, but I felt comfortable there and so lucky to be able to go see not one, but two, bands that move my whole heart on a Monday night after a full day at my job, where I teach teenagers that I love and interact with cool people all day long.

There are many things to complain about in life, but Monday….man, there aren’t much better Mondays, you know?

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