South Downs Sunset


Having finally put the hundred of photos I took during my mom’s visit on my laptop, I’ve been trying to organize them (which is proving to be a near impossible task….). Going through them, I found these from early this month, just before the heat wave.

From the evening when we drove my mom up to the South Downs to check out the views. The cows were hanging out and we went to say hello. Then a baby cow and I were having a little conversation, but I was scared of mama cow disapproving so I walked away to avoid any potential confrontations. I do love the fact that free-ranging cattle are everywhere around here though….they’re the chillest of creatures.

The sun was just begining to set that evening, and we unexpectedly came across a tiny dot in the sky-one of my mom’s favorite things, a hot air balloon, just floating along languidly into the pink-orange sky.

We took a few moments to enjoy the scene, the endless greenery laid out in front of us. And it was nice. Then we got back in the car and headed home.

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