Road Trippin’ with Mom {Salisbury Cathedral and Stonehenge}

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The last road trip Jon and I took to Salisbury was back in 2010. Back then we also went to Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral-what can I say, those are the things to do, you know? So of course we had to take my mom, who was dying to see that big pile o’ rocks. Woo Stonehenge!


I don’t know why so many Brits seem to speak disparagingly about ye olde Stonehenge-unexplainable, ancient piles of rock that bring in a fair amount of tourist revenue are pretty cool as far as I’m concerned. And I love how you can listen to the personal audio guides and they are essentially 45 minutes of a posh voice telling you that no one knows where the stones came from or what they mean. See here.


Jon loves the voices!

I promise I like Stonehenge, I do. Crowds of tourists…..I don’t. Even when I am one.

With Stonehenge only taking about an hour to walk around, we were soon on our way to the lovely little town that is Salisbury, home to the Cathedral of some renown. I managed to

take slightly better pictures than last time. If I recall correctly, this was actually on the fourth of July, so we preceded to get drunk on cheap west country booze at our hotel and talk about how great the homeland is.

The next day, however, we went into Salisbury for a little walk around. Salisbury itself is mostly famous for the Cathedral there, construction of which began waaaay back in 1220. It is now home to the Magna Carta, among other historical artifacts. Mostly, it is gorgeous, the lot of it.



The Cathedral! Gothic, towering, overwhelming……beautiful.

salisbury cathedral

Can you see mom and I? Look for the lady in the neon pink pants!salisbury cathedral

salisbury cathedral

Strangely enough, on the day we were visiting there was a strange occurrence of children running around everywhere, having dance classes….? It was weird. I even got kicked in the leg by one doing the worm backwards. I was annoyed.

salisbury cathedral

salisbury cathedral

salisbury cathedral

Jon has a set amount of poses, as you may notice. They are-“faked ecstasy” and “obvious boredom with yawn”.

After our little wander around Salisbury we hit the road once again, heading further north-west up to Bath, which completely stole my heart…..but once again, that’s another story for another day.

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