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As happens about every 6-12 months, I have come down with a hell of a cold/flu thing. It came on quick and knocked me out Monday afternoon. Yesterday I stayed home from work and slept for all of the hours. Which brings me to my main point today, which is that I’ve been thinking of how much it sucks working in a job where one has to feel guilt for being too ill to come into work. I mean, really I should be okay to call in for a cheeky day off if I damn well please (meaning no problems incurred for anyone else, rather than having to wake up my boss at 7 am so she can scramble to find a substitute for me, feeling her wrath through the phone lines), but that is not the profession I’m in nor is it the kind of school I work for. But I digress. After my one sad sick day moving in and out of consciousness while occasionally working up the energy to sip hot tea gone lukewarm and watch disney movies, I loaded up on drugs and went back into my classes today. Unfortunately it’s now Wednesday night and I’m not really feeling any better, but I have high hopes for tomorrow. Mostly because I’ll be sucking down some of my precious stores of American-bought Nyquil, the only drug worth taking.

Anyway, these are some instagrams of my life lately-pub lunches and books and selfies and furry creatures and the dude. I feel as if my little internet space has been all focused on the (recent) past lately, but that’s because the present became a lot more generic and a lot less interesting. You know?

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