My love affair with Bath

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Bath! I’m already planning a return trip to that beautiful city. It seems so different from so many of the other historical, popular cities in England-all white Georgian architecture everywhere, oozing with history and beauty and all that jazz. Not to say that the rest of England isn’t historical, we all know that it is, but there’s something….special about Bath. I dig it.

bath abbey

We did the rounds of the city-the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, the Royal Crescent and something that maybe not everyone does but which I was super pumped about-the Jane Austen Center!

i love you Jane!


Just this past weekend I finished up Persuasion, Austen’s final, posthumously published novel, that I picked up at the center and hadn’t read before. It was fantastic. I think Jane Austen and her place in literature is something I really appreciate more fully as I get older and wiser-her views as a woman of the time, critiquing the social mores and class system, and the personal position she was in, middle-class as it most definitely was……she is due all the respect. What an amazing lady. And soon to be featured on the ten pound note too! I approve. (And you should definitely give Persuasion a read, if you haven’t).

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