The end of summer bank holiday

eating England

It’s been awhile since I bothered to bring my camera along with me to any life events being had in Brighton, so I threw it in my little bag for yesterday’s Brighton-based, bank holiday-fuelled, adventure. My second home (Ohio is always first)! I love this city, even when it’s chock full of people who walk really………really……really……slowly. But I digress.

I love that if you walk straight out of the station and keep going down Queen’s Road, you can see the sea beckoning to you, like a shiny little magnet drawing you to the rocky shore…

brighton queen's road

Jon and I were doing a little shopping (our second anniversary is coming up, “cotton-based gifts” so the internet tells me, and we are too boring to do that shopping separately so we just went to the same street and then split up…..10 minutes later, finished!). Anniversaries, so fun.

the hope brighton

pie society brighton

We also had plans to hit up Street Diner in Brighthelm gardens, which were doing an extra day in honor of the bank holiday crowds. While the choice was a difficult one, I powered through and went for a German bratwurst from Camper Vanatics, mostly because 1) I love bratwurst, 2) they have a great name) 3, they serve their brats out of a tiny converted camper van.

camper vanatics street diner brighton

street diner brighton

This seagull wanted in on the action.

brighton seagull

After eating lunch and doing our little bit of shopping, we wandered through the Lanes, which is obviously my favorite thing to do. Despite the waxing poetic that I just did re: Brighton seafront, I was not down for heading to the beach to battle the “came down from London for the day to get shit faced and throw my trash everywhere” bank holiday makers. Also, it was much hotter than expected yesterday and I was wearing skinny jeans, so it was a bit toasty. The Lanes won.

north laine brighton

north laine brighton

north laine brighton

komedia north laine brighton

north laine brighton

north laine brighton

Then we stopped at a new little place that seems to have just opened. Jon wanted some banoffee ice cream because he is a growing man (boy) who is never, ever fully-sated.berties of brighton

berties of brighton

berties of brighton

I was pretty serious about the iced tea, so it seems.

Fashion blog!

north laine brighton jon

Eventually we made our way back to the station to head back to the Heath. We stopped off at this place first-

Dusty Springfield, alright! But then it was a crowded train home for an evening of red wine and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Today Jon and I both took off work to extend the long weekend a bit further. It was a great idea, and now we’re off for a long ramble/hike-I think we’re going to Ardingly Reservoir, which I’ve never been to. And the weather is fantastic, so I’m really looking forward to it. Isn’t it great to have a day off just for the sake of mental health? I think the UK really has got the right idea about the whole work/life balance. Generally speaking.

Off to ramble!

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