Tapas, ladies, and karaoke (and changing times)

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A few years ago I don’t think I could have imagined reaching the point where I felt completely at ease going out with a group of ladies here in England for a bachelorette party, but here I am. Moving countries, making friends, and getting comfy! Times are a-changing, etc etc….

Jon’s dear friend Michele is getting married at the end of the month, and while I was at first weirdly nervous about getting an invite to her hen do that was taking place this weekend (hen-do being the equivalent of an American bachelorette party, with the male counterpart being a stag do), I’m really glad I went to the party in the end, despite some trepidation. Since Jon and Michele have known each other for so long, I met her way back upon my first visit to the UK and she’s always been a real sweetheart to me (which has meant a lot, particularly in the early days), and the pre-wedding festivities are just….fun. The wedding itself will take us to the north of England in a few weeks, where I’ve never been, which is a plus all by itself. I’m just grateful to get to take a part in all this lovely matrimony business. And honestly, hanging out with a group of nearly twenty women, eating tapas, singing lots of karaoke jams, and eventually dancing the night away, well, that’s just something I would like to do more of. A real estrogen-fest is something I’ll never shy away from when the right opportunity arises. There’s a real power in groups of women that just doesn’t happen in other places. And I dig it.

It seems like things have changed in leaps and bounds in the past few years. I’m really feeling a bit more settled these days (well, except for in the ways that I’m not). So in some ways, anyway, I’m feeling more settled. I miss Ohio, and I hate missing things like weddings and birthdays and the more day to day minutiae, like watching my niece and nephew grow and chatting to my dad for a few minutes in the middle of the day. But it’s starting to feel more like I have bits and pieces of that happening here too, at least the parts that can be reproduced. People who I care about and enjoy being with, and who reciprocate, and see me not just as Jon’s wife, or not as someone’s partner at all. I have friends and a social life of my own, and people who know and care about me, and it makes me feel more complete. And a weekend of girly goodness was a good reminder of how far things have come, how far I have come, in a way.

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