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Sundays, 5 p.m. English time, the scheduled hour of skype with my dad nearly every week since I left the States. This week we were chatting and just catching up as usual, nothing special, when the rains that had been pouring down all day halted for a minute and I noticed that the most perfect rainbow had sprawled itself, stretched out across the sky, the perfect view of it framed just outside my bedroom window. I flipped the computer around to show my dad and take a picture (because if you don’t take a picture it didn’t happen, or so I’ve been led to believe) and for a minute or two we just watched this awesome phenomenon, together, sort of ranting and raving as we do, because it was a very cool, very perfect rainbow. And it struck me that we are thousands of miles apart, but at least one thing has been able to keep us connected, despite all the space between. And it was kind of like actually being together again, and it’s been way too long since I’ve had a dad hug. Months, even.

Even though the internet is a real cess pool some days (and those days seem closer together and more full of terror than ever before) I am grateful for the opportunity that all those tubes and waves and mystical technological devices provide on occasion. For a precious moment with my dad, sharing a beautiful feat of nature on a rainy English Sunday/sunny Ohio Sunday. A few minutes, a break in the clouds, a rainbow and a laptop and Papa Sheets. Thanks for the moment, universe. You are magic, sometimes.

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  1. glad i opened this at work so everyone could see me cry. a moment frozen in time, of which i will never forget. je t’aime mo. thanks for being you.

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