Road Trippin’ with Mom {Bath Prior Park Landscape Gardens}

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The Prior Park Landscape Gardens just outside of Bath were a must-see for me. Mostly just because it’s (they’re?) really quite pretty. Now owned by the National Trust, the park was designed and built on the property of a rich landowner of the early 18th century, Ralph Allen, who was helped along in his ground breaking designs by the poet Alexander Pope. It now serves as the grounds for a private boys’ school (lucky boys!). The sweeping valley holds gorgeous views and one of only four Palladian bridges in existence. Heart-crushingly romantic, the whole thing. Look at that valley. priory landscape gardens

priory landscape garden bath

priory landscape gardens bath

The day we were there was so hot, and we had to park at the bottom of a very steep hill, then march up the dang thing to get to the entrance, which was honestly a mile away. It was full on exercise. But the views were worth it, and sitting by the little lake and watching the ducks and swans was equally idyllic. It would have been the perfect place for a picnic, if only we’d though of it before.

There were also cows!

And friendly ducks, wanting snacks and new friends (I assume).

If I lived near Bath, I’d definitely frequent this beautiful place. It’s the perfect little getaway, if only for a few hours in the day. And now that it’s begun to actually feel full-on autumnal here in England, I’d love to see the gardens and that epic valley with the colors changing…..sigh. Such beauty, all in one place. If we ever move out of Sussex, I’m voting for Bath, or Bristol. Definitely.

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