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september 2013

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dog party

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september 2013

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We’ve smoothly transitioned into fall here in Sussex. The chill is in the air, I’ve ordered some pumpkin spice mix off of Amazon to throw into virtually everything that goes into my mouth for the next few months because I am a stereotype just like everyone else, and I keep having to wear boots/real shoes because it’s wet and muddy outdoors. These are all the things that tell me that yes, summer has officially ended in these parts. But hey, it was a real summer this time, and a wonderful one at that! Some of the pictures in this very random mix are from a scant few weeks ago, when it was still hot and gloriously sunny, and I can barely believe that it was just 2 weeks ago, what with how different everything already seems.

If you follow me on instagram you’ll have noticed my descent into full-on dog lady. And for that I apologize…..sort of. But not really. I’m not having kids any time soon, but dogs? Dogs dogs dogs dogs forever. And they are way cute. Bruce is pretty well trained already, but we have to keep him leashed when we go out (no free-ranging like Spud and Max), but he’s a good little dude. Spud and Maxi are still wary to some extent, but mostly obliging, and due to the fact that we won’t be living in this house forever, we try not to treat all three dogs the same in order to prevent some separation anxiety when we move out. So that ends up meaning separate walks sometimes, and different meal times. But everybody is getting along. It’s a full house now: four humans, three dogs. Wee!

There are big changes happening around here. Like, big huge changes. Changes that as yet cannot be put out onto the world via internet and barely even through my very own voice, but they are there and they are happening, and because of them, I think that this fall could be a truly outstanding one. Fingers (as always) firmly crossed.

2 thoughts on “moving into autumn”

    1. I’m such a vagueblogging asshole, and for that I apologizeeeee. But embarrassing myself on the internet by mindlessly chattering about things that I want to happen but may not happen makes me want to throw up out of shame! Ahhhh!

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