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I’ve had the opportunity lately to spend more than a few good nights out with large groups of ladies, and it’s brought to my attention how utterly delightful it is to get to do that. I miss my girls back in Ohio, and it’s been slow going around here, but now I am at the point where I can have a buzzing social life more weekends then not, separate from Jon, and it’s good! So good. Color me grateful over here. Getting all dolled up a friend’s house, having drinks and getting ready for a night on the town is one of my favorite, most-missed things. It’s one of those things you take for granted when you’re a teenager or at college….and then you just don’t do it any more and man, does that suck.


naomis birthday party september 2013





Apparently I am also friends with mostly blondes these days. Huh.

So that was the best part of my weekend, Saturday night with the ladies. Even though I had to get the last train home, which is at the ridiculous time of 11:37. NOT EVEN MIDNIGHT. So lame. But good for one’s self-control, since I can’t get drink that many drinks by then and therefore am able to completely bypass any sort of hangover. Yay! I also had farewell drinks at my work the night before because I have a new job (yay!) and it starts next week (double yay!) so Friday was casual, but nice. Au revoir, old job.

Now I’ve got a week off in between jobs and after day one, let me tell you, it’s going fabulously over here, although I’m sure I’ll be bored out of my mind by Thursday. Today I curled my hair and made some amazing Korean chicken wings, plus I worked out, vacuumed and took the dog for a walk. I would be an amazing housewife. But I’m glad not to be one, as I’d drive myself crazy (most likely, this is all speculative, you see).


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