An update on Bruce Forsythe Sheets-Norris


I have always been a dog person without a dog. Auntie to various dogs-seriously, there are a lot of dogs that I have very loving relationships with!-and my parents have dogs, but what with heading straight into a vagrant, poor person, jet-setting, living in a new country every year life after college, it never seemed responsible to get a dog of my very own, despite my near-obsessive need to ooh and ahhh and cuddle any dog that comes into my line of vision.

But now, there’s Bruce. brucecollage

Bruce likes:

  • -murdering his tiny bunny toy (in fact, RIP bunny toy….last night we had to put him out to pasture, as he’d become part inside fluff on the outside, part former bunny canvas skin)
  • -stretching his legs alllll the way out behind him and dragging them around a little bit, like some sort of ultra-yogi.
  • -sleeping on my feet while never sleeping in his own bed
  • -spooning with Jon until Jon falls asleep (at which time he moves to my feet)
  • -sitting on the back of the chair in the living room, staring out the window, waiting for us to come home

Bruce dislikes:

  • -pooping on the grass like a normal dog (embarrassingly he really likes to do his business right on the sidewalk for all eyes to see….we’re working on this. I had a very embarassing few minutes the other day involving taking him for a walk during the school run and being surrounded by yummy mummies and a handful of kindergarteners while bruce shit directly in their path)
  • -feathers (he enjoys getting very close to them then hopping up in surprise, like they’re going to get him)
  • -the vacuum cleaner. self-explanatory, so I hear.

I didn’t want to turn into a person who only talks about my dog on the internet, but then I accidentally became a person who doesn’t talk about him at all and it’s just not right! His furry little face brings us so much joy and happiness and all that other soppy mess. He’s awesome. And before he came to us, I don’t remember smiling nearly as much, even though everything was just fine then, too. And I guess I just want to say that. It feels like we’ve always had him. Bruce is the best. And now I’m a dog person with a dog….or three. Since we all know how much I love Max and Spud too. But that Bruce, man. He’s fitting in to this little family just fine.

7 thoughts on “An update on Bruce Forsythe Sheets-Norris”

  1. We feel the same with Eric, it’s like they were perfectly made for our family. Can’t imagine what it was like without him! I want 3 eventually 😉

  2. We’re currently in a 3 dog household and it’s really fun! Although Spud and Maxi are sooo much older than Bruce and that energy discrepancy makes it difficult to go for walks all together unless we have plenty of time to amble. I think eventually Jon and I will have another of our own in a few years (in a dream world I’d have an English bulldog and a dachshund, and then maybe a great dane too……hahah, dog lady dreams over here). I hope bruce and eric can have a play date some day, he’s so cute!

  3. Mark would like a bulldog, we are actually considering getting another dog for Eric. It’s crazy expensive and a pain to get them back to the UK but he’s the kinda dog that would like a sibling and it might make the journey home easier if there were two… just considering though… I also want a border collie! If you get a dachshund let’s take them here 😉

  4. I can totally relate! I didn’t even grow up with dogs – always had a cat – and I’ve always been a dog person. I dog sat for years before finally getting my own – and now I have two! Don’t be ashamed of being that person. Dogs are too cute not to share on the internet!

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