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(above from top: our tiny beggar doing his thing, Bonfire Night in Lindfield, a chilly but picturesque walk in the village, work selfie, drinking of wine and reading of cookbooks, frosty sunrise through the window)

The thing about not writing for a while is that when you can start again you don’t know where to begin without missing the important things. So I’ll skip the part where I think of all the things I haven’t talked about, the ones that may or may not have been important, and just talk out loud through my fingers and we’ll see what happens. How bout that?

A beautiful English summer, turned into a gorgeous autumn, is turning into a brisk and bright winter. Things have been far warmer, far drier, than anyone could have expected, and all the people of England seem to have forgotten that it’s not even all that cold outside and the summer was the best one….maybe ever, and that we didn’t even need to break out the heavier coats until just a few weeks ago, which is crazy talk. But it’s on to the “oh it’s freezing out there!” and meanwhile I’m hoping that this year we actually get some snow.  Real snow. Please please please please please. Snow in England is the best. Everything shuts down, and it is like being a child because everything, everywhere, is closed. It is cozy. It is magic. Cross your fingers for me.

I am settling into my new job, and it’s been about six weeks now (whoa). I am finding myself less…..satisfied than when I was teaching, but I am now in a much more stable place, so it’s a sacrifice that is for the best,  I think. There are a lot of things that I could say but this is the internet and that’s my full on name up there at the top, so I’ll just keep it to myself (or to you, dear reader, were we to gchat or skype or drink beers together or something more corporeal). I’m sure you understand.  I think that I am lucky to have ever had a job or jobs that I enjoyed so much that I looked forward to working most days, and I think that it would be silly to have always expected that privilege to be normal, and constant. But I am youngish and life is a series of ever-changing events, so we’ll see where it goes.

These short days are forcing me into full on hibernation mode. Every year I forget how early it gets dark in England, the northern placement of this island we live on meaning that now, today, the sun will set at 4:10 pm, and creep down to a scant few hours with a sunset around 3:30 pm come the darkest days of December. It is not conducive to being a driven person who actually does things, but it is conducive to laying around in a cozy bed on the evenings and weekends, eating too many calories and drinking too much red wine to make up for the lack of vitamin d in the bloodstream. So here I am, on a hazy and cold Sunday morning, still in my robe even though I’ve been awake for an hour or two, drinking the biggest mug of coffee this world has seen, and snuggling with my dog and my dude (he’s playing GTA so it’s not all idyllic, in case it was sounding too dreamy). But it is good.

So that was a good fresh start, right? Jumping right back in. Hello again. See you soon.


3 thoughts on “Fixed”

  1. Welcome back, lovely! And yes and yes to all the above: lovely summer and autumn (not quite as lovely as you southerners ;D) and I still can’t believe we were still in double digits (celsius) last week! But oh good lord the hibernation has set in big time. I feel like a bottom-less pit and can’t stop shovelling oatmeal/porridge down my gullet because it’s so cozy and warm and filling! We have tried supplementing our extreme vitamin D loss (which starts at the beginning of September up here in Edinburgh) with a sun lamp. I’m still eating a ton. We are discussing going to a tanning salon. Something I’ve never done before in my life, but sounds so nice when it’s pitch-black at 3 pm here.
    So glad to see you back and doing well!
    xoxox, Lar

    1. A sun lamp! That is a brilliant idea that I may have to steal immediately. And glad I’m not the only one who’s eating my way to oblivion even though winter has barely begun!

      Thanks for coming by and saying hello lovely, always good to hear from you!

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