dead leaves and the dirty ground


autumn in lindfield

autumn in lindfield

lindfield autumn

autumn lindfield pond

autumn in lindfield

bruce runs on picker's green lindfield

pickers green lindfield

(run bruce run!)

bruce runs in lindfield

When the leaves change around here there is never enough red, and far too much green, speckled with a good amount of yellow and brown. So it goes when home is a place that stays plush and verdant through most of the winter and where rain is in abundance, rarely, sadly, turning to frigid temperatures and snow. It isn’t really something worth complaining about-it is temperate and lovely and I don’t have to pile myself in wool-mixed goods until finding myself as rotund as the stay puft marshmallow man for 4 months of the year- but the blazing, fiery reds and oranges of Ohio in October are something that I will always miss. They are the most beautiful thing.


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