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Last weekend Jon and I attempted to knock out a huge portion of our holiday shopping, trying to both start and finish things before all the hub-bub of the holiday frivolity takes over every weekend for the rest of the month. I like to think we keep things fairly minimal all around, trying not to indulge too much in rampant consumerism, but…..that’s probably not as true as I would like it to be. I feel really guilty for not sticking to a grander ideal of only getting gifts from independent/boutique shops, and it’s such a hard thing to do when the majority of my giftees are in another country, but at the end of the day that’s a bit of an excuse. Hopefully someday I’ll figure out a solution to this dilemma. In the meantime I’ll just label this a #firstworldproblem and be grateful that I have the expendable income to buy anything at all, something that hasn’t always been true. These are hard times but all around but I am very, very lucky, and I won’t forget it, this Christmas, or ever.


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