Christmas time in the North Laines

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brighton north laine christmas

Nothing much to say today except that I love Brighton at this time of year. If we could just get a dusting of snow, things would be perfect! More than a dusting would be preferred, but this is England, so I’ll try not to get my hopes up.

brighton grand hotel christmas

brighton clocktower christmas

brighton christmas

This girl can’t resist a fabulous full-length mirror such as this in the upstairs of the eccentric shoe shop. Nope. No sir. When you’re trying to warm up while wandering around in the cold you may as well make a stop to stare at funky footwear, right?

irregular choice brighton

The store fronts in the North Laine go all out to get in the holiday spirit, and it’s pretty fantastic for window-shopping and slow wanderings of an evening. Even more so than usual.

north laine brighton christmas

Santa vs Dalek! The eternal struggle…. Santa’s all “Ho! Ho! Ho!” and the dalek is all “Exterminate (Christmas)!” Who will prove victorious this year?

santa dalek brighton

christmas brighton

north laine brighton christmas

twinkly brighton north laine

Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. I will continue to soak all this up, that cold time of year that has a bit of magic left in it, before it’s just freezing and dark and empty. Still trying to drag Jon to the Brighton Pavilion for a round of ice skating, but I may miss out yet again this year since he is such a scrooge about that particular activity. And I was going to spare him and go with a friend from work, but her mom broke her wrist whilst ice-skating over the weekend and I think it’s put her off! Back to square one. Which, in this case, is hot chocolate and Ernest Saves Christmas.

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