winter december 2013

Reading >> Another Game of Thrones. Book two, “A Clash of Kings”.  The books are so thick and hard to commute with, and I’ve watched all of the tv show so it’s kind of pointless, depending on how you view it! My commuting time is really short these days, and that used to be my biggest block of daily reading on my tablet thingy (Jon’s birthday gift to me). I’m also reading Toni Morrison’s “Home”, which I’ve just begun and should finish this week. It’s far more manageable!

Watching >> All the Christmas movies. Most recently: A Muppet Christmas Carol, Yes, Virginia, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Making >> I wish I was making something. I keep meaning to get out my half-finished knitting projects but….I haven’t.

Feeling >> Excited about the holiday break coming up and all the fun things we have planned for in the lead up to the new year, and also…a little teensy tiny bit homesick. Just a little.

Listening>>> The new Civil Wars EP “Bare Bones”, Lorde, Haim, and my girl Sia! Lots of strong, rocking lady voices in my ear.

Searching >> For balance. And professional gratification.

Wanting >> The perfect Christmas sweater and a little more sunshine.

Anticipating >>  Christmas movie/bad sweater night with Penny. Friday’s work Christmas party. A few weeks off for lounging, reading, and chilling out. Burning of the Clocks for a little Winter Solstice celebration.

Loving >> Besides my dog and my dude, I’d say this article warmed my heart and made me feel like the world isn’t so terrible after all.

Thinking >> About homeowning, moving house, and applying for my residency visa!

Craving >> More time with family. More sunshine. More physical activity. More reading.

Working on >> Interneting less, particularly in the evenings.

Baking >> My grandma’s sugar cookies. Hasn’t happened yet this year, but I’m thinking it will soon.

Struggling >>To do things that aren’t sitting on my ass.

Wearing >> Skinny jeans and cozy sweaters, all the time.

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