Rocking my Christmas Sweaters


christmas jumper

christmas jumper 2

It seems we’ve passed the point in sartorial existence where wearing a tacky Christmas sweater/jumper is just that-tacky, and a little embarrassing-and swung around to where it’s “cool”. I don’t care so much, but I do love a good Christmas sweater (see last year’s pug offering, courtesy of my thoughtful partner!) and this whole upswing in popularity just makes them easier to find and cheaper to buy, rather than trawling all the charity shops for the diamond in the rough. In a few years it’ll go back to being lame, and I’ll be left with awesome stock, laying in wait. I will never be ashamed to bust these guys out. See that Santa offering up there? Wore it to work last Friday. Got quite a few comments, especially since Santa’s bobble hat falls conspicuously in an inappropriate place (I didn’t know until I put it on at home, after buying it…). No shame in this holiday game! And today I’m off to our work Christmas party, then it’s two weeks of gluttony and sitting around the house. While I always wish I could be with my family, I am not missing the horrors of holiday travel…yeesh. So I’ll take the good parts and skype with the fam, and there you go. Christmas, Ta-daaaaa!

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