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bruce England

So I was just having a chat with Jon and realizing that this is the first year ever that we have to do NO TRAVELING for Christmas. Seriously, none. Since we live with his parents and that’s where the magic happens on Xmas day, we’re already here! Everyone else is coming to us! And obviously we aren’t flying to Ohio this year. So. We are in full-on lounge mode. It is 5:30 pm on the day before Christmas eve. We’ve bought all the groceries and wine we need (and we’re in charge of the meal this year!), all the presents are purchased and wrapped, the dog is wearing his most festive holiday jumper, and we are combating the terrible, horrific rain by sitting in our cozy house listening to seasonally appropriate tunes and watching movies. It’s pretty close to perfect. I love seeing my family, but when a super-lazy, chilled out time is the alternative, I’m not 100% upset, ya feel me?

I, personally, have been partying my tush off these past few days. All for holiday reasons, of course. My work thing was on Friday. It’s a really tiny company and my boss/founder had us all over to his (amazing+huge) country home for a feast, plus lots of champagne and a few rounds of Articulate before taxi-ing all of us to the local village pub. It was ridiculous.

pauls house

languagenut christmas

languagenut ladies

languagenut ladies christmas

languagenut international sales

ashley languagenut

languagneut christmas


Pub fire!

fire at the bull, ditching

Saturday night Jon and I (and Bruce!) went into Brighton. First we met up with Kal, who is back for the holidays from Oman, and we’re so glad because we miss him when he’s gone! We had a few pub drinks and then headed over to some friends’ for their second annual Metal Christmas party-cum-housewarming since they just moved flats.

pub dog sussex yeoman

family picture dec 2013

dudes at the yeoman

It was so goooooood. Tasty treats, more champagne, and a full-on dance off. Phil and Netty have the XBox One and it was seriously a moment of consumeristic clarity where I felt that Jon and I MUST HAVE ONE NOW. But that was because this magical device led to hours-HOURS-of dancing by even the most stoic of gentlemen. It was bananas. And Bruce had a good time too. Such a brave little guy! There were also many beautiful Christmas sweaters in attendance, but all the dancing proved sweaty so they are only visible in some pictures, depending on the moment in the evening.

metal xmas

ladies at metal xmas 2 2013

ladies metal xmas


dancing metal xmas

dance off metal xmas

Seriously, look at these moves.


And here we are, the holiday season thus far. So fun! And now Jon’s sister and her husband are here from Canada (they surprised Jon’s mom for her birthday a few days ago!), and it’s days of drinking and hanging out and enjoying the end of the year with people I enjoy. And no work! Yay! This has honestly been the best holiday season in years, and for that I am grateful. And it’s barely begun.

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  1. i’m glad you’re enjoying the holidays abroad kiddo. you’re usually very homesicky about now so it’s good that you’ve grown…again. uber proud of you mo. je t’aime.

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