Another Christmas in Lindfield!

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Our Christmas Eve and day were spent lazing about with Jon’s family, which provided for a seriously packed house. Not the ~20 to 40 person parties that I remember from my own childhood (which is what happens when your parents are divorced and also when they each have 4 and 5 siblings, respectively) but it was definitely as full as I’ve ever seen this place. On Christmas Eve we bucked the tradition and skipped the pub in favor of drinks at home and a rousing game of poker. Which, it turns out, I had no idea how to play and it really ISN’T all that much like Yahtzee. Hm. That led to a rough start for Christmas morning…

christmas hangover

…but since the only baby in the house is just 7 months old and not really understanding of the whole Christmas/Santa thing, it was perfect, and we didn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn. Jon and I jumped right in and cooked the whole meal, complete with smoked salmon blinis and pigs in blankets for everyone to snack on while they waited for the main show (this is me taking a bow and giving out high fives). We eventually sat down to Christmas lunch around 1:30, followed by the opening of presents, and then just carried on with the drinking and the dvd watching while continuously digesting our gluttonous intake. It was a solid holiday!

christmas morning

christmas lunch 2013

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Boxing Day was more of the same, with new dvds to watch and more turkey sandwiches to eat (and more wine to drink….of course). We tracked down an open curry house in Haywards Heath for dinner to sate Jon’s sister’s desire for a good curry before heading back to Canada, and this morning she and her husband got on a plane to head back to the snowy white North. It was great having them around, and I honestly don’t know when a Christmas will ever be like this again-all the Norris kids and their partners plus Jon’s grandpa and his parents-all under the same roof. As usual, I hope to be in Ohio for Christmas next year, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we make that happen, but this is a nice alternative too. Now to continue wrapping up 2013….there are books to read, movies to watch, and hours of sleep to sleep.

I hope you had as nice of a holiday as we did!

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