Hello, new year.


new year's resolutions

So this is the time of year when people either make resolutions or complain about the fact that people are so keen to make resolutions, because I suppose we are meant to think everyone is a big, fat failure, right? I stand firmly in the middle of the road, putting motions in place to be a hopefully somewhat better version of myself, without trying to throw myself under the proverbial bus of failure that would surely come with any sweeping proclamations of change. You will not see me pledge to do anything crazy, per se. I’m more of a “stop drinking so much and maybe get around to buying the electronic toothbrush that the dentist recommended” kinda gal.

Here we are and it’s already the 7th of the month anyway, so I’m actually pretty late in getting around to this chatter. But while the death of an old year and birth of a shiny new one is more of an arbitrary thing that we humans made up to mark the passage of time on our cool floating space rock, it is still good and right and useful to find a time when you wipe the slate clean and try again to do well for yourself, and why not when everyone else in the world is making a go of it at the same time? My two cents, there they are.

Things I wouldn’t mind doing for myself in 2014:

Be a little less boozy. Very doable! More frequent flossing (you can see i’m busting out the big guns here). Use less internet, and maybe also quit a social media site or two (i’m looking at you facebook….side eye is definitely in your direction). Travel to a few brand-new places. The wheels are in motion here, so success is imminent!

Here’s to making the most of a new trip around the sun. May it be challenging and fruitful, in all the best ways.

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