Winter on the seafront

England expat life

brighton pier

jon and bruce in brighton

bruce brighton seafront

brighton seafront january 2014

namul brighton

dog on train brighton

From the day I like to call “citizenship test day”. After passing my exam, I was jittery with adrenaline. We walked down and along the seafront, checking out the damage from the crazy storms we’ve been having. I miss snow and real winter a lot, but I do love the brisk winter days that occur in the south of England. Fresh, clean, cold, but not too cold. We introduced Bruce to the sea, although he didn’t take to it. He loves water but it turns out he doesn’t love large bodies of it….c’est la vie. We ended the afternoon with a big bowl of bulgogi bibimbap, extra kimchi on the side at Namul in the north laine. A fairly perfect Saturday, and a lot more interesting/exciting than the one I’m currently enjoying, which has mostly consisted of a long walk, giving the dog a bath, buying some groceries, hanging out with in-laws (and nephew!) and now drinking some wine and listening to music. Different kinds of Saturdays, but both good. No complaints here. Although I could use a little more kimchi in my life.”

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