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currently january 2014

Two big things have been on my mind as of late. This visa, and moving house. There’s a lot going on with both of them at the moment, but nothing for splashing on the internet, if you know what I mean, because visas are governmental and scary and house-buying is a lot of shit that hopefully leads to beautiful permanent things. So I’m moving and shaking and waiting for things to come together, and working for them to go that way when possible. To the best of my ability anyway, which isn’t that much for the house thing, but is plenty enough for part of the visa thing. (That picture up top/bottom right is the one going in my visa, fingers crossed! Five effing pounds at the grocery store for 5 tiny pictures, what a rip off).

In bigger, awesomer news, I got a promotion at work! I’ve been there less than four months and I’m about to be leading my own team and doing a lot of interesting stuff. I have a lot in my brain about this, and a lot of thoughts on being a woman in a workplace that seems to cater more to the menfolk (even though there are hardly any! which makes it obvious!), and sticking your neck out to get what you want, and saying what you think even if you’re the only one that thinks it, and how that’s really surprisingly worked out well for me so far. I am proud of myself, plain and simple. And I don’t think it’s silly or boastful to say so. I only got this promotion by point-blank asking my boss for it, and laying out a bunch of reasons why I could do it and why he should sincerely consider me even though he had someone else in mind and I haven’t been there very long overall. And here I am. And it’s weird coming from teaching, where the huge majority of other teachers are also female, and then finally being in an office and seeing what people mean when they talk about some of the really common workplace problems. I have been disturbed and annoyed and pissed off for gender-based reasons more than a handful of times since beginning there. But I look forward to the opportunity to empower some more chicas in my near vicinity (and also to do good work).  Shit is happening. High fives all around. Blast some Beyonce for me! Who run the world…?!

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