Sick dog, sad Sunday


january sunset lindfield england

This weekend was not the most relaxing in recent memory. We’ve been enjoying the slow January days, and that means we’ve been indoors an awful lot, doing nothing more with our weekends than sleeping and watching tv, reading books and drinking wine in the evening. Pretty great, if you ask me. Saturday we borrowed the car from Jon’s parents (because we are super-duper grownup) and drove to Crawley for a dinner and movie date, intending to see American Hustle and actually spend a whole evening out of the house. But since it was Saturday, the place was jumping and when we trawled the parking lot for a space, we found none and decided to cut our losses and just go out for dinner instead.

We went to a nice pub called The Cowdray (we went last year for Jon’s birthday!) and had a really nice night together. I had steak, Jon had lamb shank, and we brought the lamb bone home for Bruce, which we thought would be a nice treat for him! But…it wasn’t. And as we now know, dogs shouldn’t have cooked bones (WRITE THAT DOWN) and Bruce spent the entire night-from midnight until 10 am-being sick every 20 minutes or so. This was of course after he had the time of his life snarfing down that bone. I was so scared for him and felt so terrible watching my poor little dude….Jon and I barely slept at all, taking turns cleaning up his mess. Have you ever scrubbed a pink carpet with a toothbrush at 4 in the morning? Because I have! Anyway, he eventually stopped being sick and we’ve spent all of Sunday giving him all the cuddles. We had to give him a bath too, since the episode made him pretty smelly and gross, and there was also a lot of laundry and cleaning to do. The rain stopped long enough for us to take him on a short walk around the block this evening. He seems much more chipper, but we’re going to take it easy over the next few days and make sure he’s back to 100%. Fingers crossed this is just something we can put behind us.

This whole experience just brought to mind how completely not ready Jon and I are for human tiny people of our own. One long sleepless night with a furry dog is more than enough! Signing up for years of sleepless nights is just something we’re not ready for yet, I think. But then again, is anyone ever ready for it? Is it just something that happens? How do people function on so little sleep? I am confused….and also sleepy just thinking about it. Oh so sleepy.

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