A birthday party for Jon

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Jon turns 29 on Tuesday, so on Saturday night we had a big ol’ birthday dinner+drinks extravaganza with our awesome friends over at the New Club in Brighton (because we really love that place!). There, we feasted on burgers and beers, fried chicken and mac and cheese, and serenaded Jon while he blew out the candles stuck in his burger. After our meal we braved the terrible hurricane winds to go to The Pump House, where Jon was served the most disgusting of birthday traditions-the “dirty pint”. Everyone chips in a pound or two and the loot is then taken to the bar, where the money is spent on a liver-murdering concoction mixed by the bar staff, with bits of everything and anything they want to add. Jon’s had tequila, vodka, tuahaca, bailey’s, cider, lager, and god knows what else in it……it smelled horrible and looked equally unappetizing (see the picture above of the pint with floaty bits in it. After he sort of-kind of finished it, Jon was pretty out of sorts altogether, which was perfect timing for us to get the last train home! Sometimes it’s not so bad having to force yourself to do that-it prevents other late-night bad decisions from even becoming an option. This night was one of those, because according to everyone things definitely continued on as they’d begun and it was a long night for all involved. People were not feeling great this morning, so I heard. But Jon and I were feeling good enough, all things considered, and took the dog out for a nice walk, where for once he didn’t get covered in mud. ┬áMaybe that was his birthday present for Jon. Now on to the birthday week, which will include dim sum on the big day and actually ends with Valentine’s day and another night out. Birthday for my love!

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