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Journey is such a terrible, douchey word these days, but it’s really the only one that fits this happening that I’ve been on. As you may recall, I took my citizenship test several weeks ago, but contrary to popular belief, that didn’t actually make me a citizen-that was just a piece of the puzzle. In order to apply for my indefinite right to remain visa-the visa I must apply for, as my  current spousal visa is coming to an end- I needed the piece of paper that said I passed that test inside. Passing the test meant that I could then proceed to fill out and send in 40+ pages of documentation proving that Jon and I still know and love each other, have lived together since I got here, don’t apply for public benefits etc etc. So here’s where I am now.

Last Friday I got a piece of paper in the mail that said I needed to go to get my biometrics done. This can happen at some UK post offices, and the closest one to us was in Crawley, so we took my paper on Saturday and drove to Crawley (battling incessant winds and rain, I might add). The fella at the post office was super nice, and the biometrics exam meant another picture in a box of my face, techy fingerprints on a screen, and my signature on a computer, which I had to try 4 different times because apparently I am bad at signing my own name. And someone might be faking my signature and also face! Oh, and I had to pay £19.20 for the privilege. Cool.

Now those parts are finished, and I wait. I’ve taken the test, I’ve sent in the papers,  I’ve paid £1050, I’ve done the biometrics, and the Home Office website says that I should hear back “within 6 months”, which doesn’t bode well for not one, but two bits of out-of-England travel that we had planned for this month and next (btw, they have Jon’s passport too… he’s stuck with me). So this is it so far. I plan, at some point, to put together a post on the actual cost, peripheral and non, of going through the visa application process. Now, my fingers and toes and eyes are crossed. And we wait.

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Two and a half years later, my emotions about all of this are still the same as pictured.

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