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bill's brighton valentine's day 2014

Friday was another insanely wet and windy winter’s day in England, but that didn’t put a damper on our dinner plans (see what I did there)? Jon and I were both on severely delayed trains after work, but managed to meet each other eventually at Brighton station. We had a glass of wine at the Three Jolly Butchers, because I love how cramped and cozy it is, and also it is just down the street from Bill’s,which is where we’d decided to have our dinner. I had a burger and fries, Jon had duck pie, we toasted with prosecco and drank too much wine and had a great, chill evening talking about all the awesome new things that are happening to us right now. I love that guy. Also, he gave me that bear up there so, great job Jon! I don’t think I really understand the hatred that exists out there for Valentine’s day-a made up holiday, sure, but one for giving and receiving love. Not purely romantic. And the anti-valentine crowd is just as annoying as the one’s who obsess over flowers, chocolates, and the perfect candle-lit meal. Anyway, what I’m saying here is that it was a nice time, ten out of ten!

2 thoughts on “Valentine Burgers”

  1. Did we eat at Bill’s when I was there? Looks a lot like where we went between bouts at that bar on that one Friday we went out. We tried to go to a Mexican place but it was crazy busy.

    Yeah, I don’t remember names of places.

    1. Yeah, that’s the same place! Great sorta memory, haha. Mmmmm burgers. And i still haven’t been to that specific mexican place, which makes me sad.

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