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Did you know that Shoreham has a fort? !A mere stone’s throw away from Brighton, there is an old timey, historic fort that has a somewhat “storied” history, as it is. A fort-turned-movie studio, surprisingly enough. And I knew nothing about it until Jon and I took that drive last weekend and somewhat stumbled upon it (or really, slowly drove by it not knowing it was a thing, then turned around and parked in the tiny parking lot). Finished in June of 1857, it was built to protect against the penultimate English enemy, les Français.  Thankfully, it was never really needed for that purpose and years later a few films were shot there (in 1914). During World War II the fort was utilized as an emergency coastal defense, and in the 1970s it was eventually restored (well, somewhat restored, it’s obviously still broken down quite a bit).

shoreham fort 10


So like I said, we drove down to Shoreham.

road trip shoreham family

shoreham family road trip 2

And then we walked around on the beach for awhile, taking it all in. Windy!

starfish shoreham

shoreham stormy day

Only then did we turn our eyes to the fort. It’s a small place, but old and interesting and well worth a poke around. It doesn’t take too long, and we paid our £1.00 for the parking lot thinking that we would definitely not take more than half an hour, but an hour later we were still there! Yay history!

it’s one of those areas that has become part of the natural geography of a place-while we were there, a few families with kids in tow were running around, playing tag up and down the stone steps, and an old man was playing fetch with his huge German Shepherd-named Kaiser of all things. It’s really an example of contemporary life building itself up around a piece of the early 19th century.

shoreham fort 1

shoreham fort 2

shoreham fort 3

shoreham fort 4

shoreham fort 5

shoreham fort 6

shoreham fort 7

shoreham fort 8

shoreham fort 9

And one more of those brave winter paddle boarders. Serious stuff.

paddle board shoreham

I think this will definitely be one of our new walks with Bruce.

And after all that? We went and ate some baked cheese while it rained a lot. Mmmmmmm baked cheese.

crown and anchor shoreham camembert

rain shoreham

I think we’ll fit into Shoreham nicely.

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