the new hood

bruce eating Shoreham

Today was my first day commuting by train from Shoreham to Brighton. I left bright and early, expecting the usual commuter crowds, annoyed that I hadn’t bought my new monthly ticket beforehand and pre-emptively being grumpy about standing in line to get a new one. This was exacerbated by the fact that Jon and I took Bruce and walked all the way to the station yesterday in order to renew my ticket, only to get there and for me to realize that I hadn’t actually brought my photo id, so all was for naught. And it was cold then, too!



So this morning, I set off. But there were no crowds. There was hardly a person to be found. The station here is quaint and tiny and the only people in the old part of town were a few students, a guy on a bike, and a dude cleaning the streets. It was almost strange…..but in a good way. I like the quiet around here. I like the chill old-town vibes. Over the weekend, lots of people were out, popping into shops and sitting outside in the sun (on Saturday, when it was actually gorgeous), walking dogs, just hanging out. I can see this town being a place that you would hate if you were 17, and bored,  and annoyed that you weren’t in the cool city of Brighton-so close, yet so far to the teenage heart!-at all times. But I’m not 17 and bored, and I’ve done the big city thing, and the tiny town thing, and I work in Brighton every day, and this place here is just right. A real Goldilocks moment.

shoreham pedestrian bridge

jon and bruce march 2014

Saturday we found a brunch place which will surely be a regular joint. I had the veggie option, with halloumi and homemade chickpea+veg patties. Jon had the regular version with all the meats, Bruce had the extra eggy crap that fell on the floor, and we drank a fair amount of coffee too. The sun was out then, and if this is what things are like around here, I look forward to some more exploration, and a lot more brunch/breakfast/lunching on the weekends.

brunch at the shed shoreham

veggie fry up the shed shoreham

the shed shoreham

bruce at the cafe

brunch with jon in shoreham


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