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Another check in the box for kitsch things I love in Shoreham-street fair! Many moons ago, last Saturday, we started the day with a long beach walk, focusing on soaking up this early spring that seems to have arrived. Surprisingly, wonderfully, real winter has skipped England this year. Real winter as far as I’m concerned anyway, extensive flooding not withstanding. The somewhat isolated walks we’ve been enjoying were replaced by frolicking sea dogs, families building sand castles (in the little bit of sand that’s around!) and strolling old folk.

march shoreham beach

walking on shoreham beach

bruce shoreham beach 3.14

Eventually we moved on and into town to wander around the stalls that had been set up for the fair. Breads, cheeses, all variety of meats and fish from local butchers and fisherman, seedlings and home-sewn goods, coffee beans, local brews and all sorts.

shoreham street fair 1

shoreham street fair 2

shoreham street fair 3

shoreham street fair 4

shoreham street fair 5

We filled our bags and stocked up with bits for the freezer, and Bruce ate everything he could find that had been dropped on the street. He made lots of friends too. People like to tell him he’s cute, then ask what his name is, then when they find out it’s Bruce, they ask if he’s Australian, then when they find out he is, in fact, an Australian terrier they make lots of jokes in weird accents, talking about putting a shrimp on the barbie, etc etc. Only in England is the name Bruce so inherently known to be Australian. Or did I miss out on something back in the States? Is Bruce really that Australian of a name?

shoreham street fair 7

shoreham street fair 8

shoreham street fair 9

So the street fair was nice. And there are already signs up for two other local fairs coming up; one an artisan fair, and the other a beer and mussels festival. I’m looking forward to partaking in both, and by that I mean looking with my eyes and eating and drinking with my mouth, as you do when you have no real talents to contribute anything.

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  1. I think ‘Bruce as Australian’ is fairly well established as a stereotype in the English speaking World, though a lot of it may have come from Monty Python (which although British was about as popular in the US)

    It’s certainly made its way to the US to a reasonable extent – it’s often given as the reason that Bruce the shark in Finding Nemo (named for the shark in Jaws who was also called Bruce) was given an Australian accent while the other sharks and fish were ‘American’.

    Here’s a handy list (from a US website) of convenient stereotypical names –

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