Bruce, the helpful dog.

bruce Shoreham

Bruce has handled all the moving really well. Part of the mystery of having a rescue dog is that you have no way of knowing how they’ll react to new situations. When we moved out of Jon’s parents’ house, Bruce was fairly nervous, which made me feel terrible. Maybe he’d been left behind by a family that moved house and that’s how he ended up in the kennel in the first place! Maxi (you all remember Max, right?) has a similar fear of suitcases, and completely freaks out when people pack up. She also hates men in hats. Spud has more general anger issues, but no serious emotional baggage. Bruce wasn’t quite that bad, but I don’t like not knowing his history.

Anyway, he’s been pretty great in the new place, and has already made it his own!

Helping with the laundry:

bruce laundry

Wearing in his spot on the new couch:

bruce couch

Staying up to date on all the Crufts madness:

bruce cruft's

Keeping watch from the balcony and taking in the river views:

bruce on the balcony

Testing the new hallway rug and helping me build a bookshelf (okay, watching over my shoulder from the couch while I build a bookshelf):

bruce on rug and over my shoulder

Exploring the local environs:

bruce shoreham beach

Cuddling with his papa after a hard day’s work:

bruce and jon cuddles

Breaking in the new fuzzy rug to bring it up to peak comfort levels:

bruce on furry rug

Making sure the couch is appropriately covered in his fur, as to deter any visitors from ever coming over:

bruce rolling on couch

Helping mama organize her books:

books and bruce

As you can see, he’s right at home here. Thank goodness it’s all worked out so far-one less thing to worry about!

2 thoughts on “Bruce, the helpful dog.”

  1. So, I’m sure you know this already, but holy cow, Bruce is ADORABLE! I’m glad he seems to be settling in just fine. I have 2 cats and they respond so differently to moves. Gershwin is so laid-back it is kind of disturbing, and he really just doesn’t want to be in the carrier to go from Point A to Point B. Luna, on the other hand… is a total spaz. The last time we moved, she peed all over herself in the carrier and then hid under the sink in the second bathroom for 3 hours. She’s doing much better now, haha. Settling into a new place is simultaneously fun and stressful, so I hope yours is more fun than not!

    1. Okay, your cats have amazing names! And yes, I think we’re super lucky that everything has gone so well (so far)-some dogs are so weird.

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