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drinking with my dog

In between all my recent musings about home, identity, and country, I’ve actually been living a life over here. Weird, I know. Lots of dog walks, working and working and working, a rare drink with friends who are kind enough to invite Bruce along too, working out again (fairly regularly, even!), dabbling in the growing of green things, and all that jazz. I am severely overwhelmed at the moment with just about everything, but our housewarming is this weekend and I’m very, very much looking forward to it. The warming of this home of ours, barely begun. It started to feel like spring there for a hot minute but now it’s cold and rainy once again. My fingers are crossed for the beautiful weekend that is being forecast. I am slowly coming out of a wintery shell, and beginning to feel the motivation that disappears during the dreary months. But only the teensiest bit.

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