A warmed house


Last night’s housewarming party was a rousing success! So successful I forgot to take pictures, for the most part. But here’s one that did get taken, by Jon, of me with a bunch of my work friends!

Languagenut dance party

And with some lovely, lovely ladies I happen to know…

beautiful women shoreham

I’m only just realizing that there are no pictures of Jon and I together at the party, which seems a bit silly in retrospect. I should have taken care of that!

It was such a great night, and our little place was packed to the gills with people and love and enough alcohol to sink a ship. It was just wonderful having people over and the whole night was over in a blink-I guess that’s what happens when almost everyone has to leave in time to get the last train right after midnight! A few non-train folk stayed into the wee hours but I sadly did a thing that I do, which is to sneak off and fall asleep somewhere. By accident, of course, fully clothed and with heels on, right around midnight. Hostess of the year over here.

Here’s to a house, fully warmed and ready for a lot of living. We’re here!

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