Growing green things


I’m trying to grow things. In the past, it hasn’t been that successful-a failed bonsai, a pot of flowers or two-but I’ve got a lot of seedlings sprouting right now and it feels absolutely decadent to run and check on them every day, seeing them grow with just a little bit of help from me. Herbs like basil, chives and parsley, but also tomatoes, and even some flowers. Tulips from the train station, and daisies from Jon from last Valentine’s day (the man has serious issues with buying live flowers, but he’s okay with seeds and things). And aloe! The best thing around, and while my own aloe plant has been thriving and recently grew enough to become three different plants (3!!), we were also given a beautifully potted one by the lovely Jess for the housewarming. I love that we were given so many flowers for the event-flowers and wine, all very mature, and all better for making a house a home. Also-oxygen! Yay for oxygen.

growing herbs

growing green things

coconut pig and tulips

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