Sunday night


sunday with bruce

hazy shoreham beach

banana gluten free pancakes

tara's goodbye drinks the prince george brighton

dog at a pub bruce

namul bibimbap

incognito bruce

Pictures of a week that went too fast. This week consisted of Jon and I juggling work and being home for the electrician that hung out at our place all week, replacing all our old broken heaters and exchanging them with new ones. Now we have heat in our house! Just in time for spring and summer, obviously. Bruce liked the extra hang out time though. We also had a brief, fabulous glimpse of nice weather to come….but then it went away. But that meant our gray weekend was even more productive than usual, with the flat cleaned from top to bottom, greasy kitchen and dirty bathroom and all, and I even made a strawberry crumble to accompany Jon’s roast dinner. We sat down and took a look at the calendar tonight and realized that after next weekend, which is currently blissfully unscheduled, we will have an endless series of things to do and people to see and places to go for basically 2 months (and probably after that, but as the events just kept coming, we stopped looking at the planning from mid-summer onward). Spring, man. It’s a busy time. But I’m kind of sort of ready for it. It’s been a long, wet winter full of stops and starts and I’m ready for it to be fully behind me.



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  1. so happy for you sweetie! wish I could be there to give you a great big hug! I miss and love you so much! but would you please come home and clean my house haha

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