Our premiere Shoreham ramble!


My love for rambling is well known, and fairly well-documented here on ye old internet blog. But this weekend Jon and I stepped it up a notch and took not only our first Shoreham ramble, but also our longest ramble to date! We meant to go for a lengthy (but not too crazy) 4-6 miles but the day was so gorgeous and the trail so beautiful that we ended up doing 11 miles along the River Adur and back. Now we’re both sunburnt and our limbs are frozen into position and our joints are cracking and creaking, but that’s just part and parcel of doing these sorts of things, now isn’t it. Nothing a cold cider and a nice pub dinner couldn’t make up for afterwards.

shoreham lancing ramble

shoreham marsh

walking in shoreham

shoreham walk

fishing in shoreham

jon rambling

bruce rambling shoreham

Look at how beautiful Shoreham is! Just amazing. Like I said, we went along the River Adur, passed the houseboats and over the highway, then on past the airport and along the winding riverside for several miles. Eventually we sat down, had a little picnic lunch in the sunshine, gave Bruce’s tiny legs a rest, and then made our way back home.

paddleboarding river adur

Look at that dog on the paddleboard! Bruce could learn, I’m sure. And I really want to try it out! So summer goal, there it is.

green green shoreham

No photoshop here! Rainy England lends itself to this green-it’s barely believable.

lancing college

Lancing College off in the distance, the Hogwarts of Sussex (this is purely my own opinion).

ramble in shoreham

yellow fields in sussex

The lambs were out with their mamas.

baby lambs shoreham

green forever shoreham


Bruce loves swimming. Multiple jaunts in the river, plus the 11 miles of walking, contributed to him getting muddy and gross, and also being the most exhausted I’ve ever seen him. He basically put himself to bed once we got home.

btuce swimming in the river adur

jon and bruce

Best hiking buddy!

jon and ashley ramble shoreham

We’re lookers.

jon and ashley rambling 2

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